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In the modern dynamic working environment, some tasks require more privacy. To create enclosed  workspaces in an open plan office Markant developed the Apod series. Apod offers an acoustic workplace for 1-6 people to work away from their desk. No longer bordering or being bordered by co-workers.


With Apod series Markant creates acoustic privacy in open plan offi ces. Workers are able to focus when
necessary and talk privately when needed. With a range of accessories, you can customise the Apod to
your needs. The Apod is ideal for concentration and communication related tasks. The Apod is fast to
install and easy to be moved.


  • Markant Black outer
  • Markant Silver outer
  • 17 internal wall colours
  • Black or Grey carpet


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

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