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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

university and education furniture that creates spaces to meet and collaborate

We were very excited to work with a local Gold Coast architectural firm to bring their vision to life.

Large common area spaces required commanding furniture pieces that filled the space while leaving lots of room for student movement. The Markant Hybrid modular seating was the perfect solution. Featuring both low back, high back and ottomans from the range. What is unique about the Hybrid Soft Seating range is the integrated swivel lap-top tables. This range is designed for public spaces in mind. Where busy people what to touch down business class style and work or collaborate.

If you have a education project or large public space that requires high quality dynamic working solutions - contact us - we would love to work with you!

Featured Product

01 - Markant Hybrid modular lounging

02 - Markant Hybrid High Back Pods

03 - Markant Hybrid Ottomans

04 - Collaboration tables through-out

05 - Carino Coffee Tables with custom tops

06 - Sereno accent chairs with custom upholstery

07 - Bespoke Veneer 6m Boardroom table with power inset

08 - Porta Venezia chairs and stools for breakout areas

At Commercial Images, we work hard to deliver quality customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist with your commercial furniture needs. We have sold products to a range of educational clients, both government and private, and are confident we can find the best solution for your unique educational needs and budget.


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