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health and wellness support

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The Logan Central Community Mental Health Centre provides community mental health services, as well as community alcohol and drug services. These essential government services provide us all with the support and care to not only improve lives but also save lives.

The extension to the Logan Central Community Mental Health Centre includes this new open plan office space. Architecturally designed building to create light, space and air to the team that facilitate these important services. Bold and timeless black and white are the building blocks of the interior palette. Smoothed with subtle greys and aubergines to create a soft and calm space.

Featured Product

01 - Rex task chairs

02 - Oxy visitor and meeting chairs

03 - Portia round tables

04 - Metro Verge Workstations with ducted 50mm screens

05 - Screen hung shelves

06 - Trim mobile pedestal personal desk storage

07 - Marco Folding tables linked

08 - T-Two meeting chairs

09 - Custom bookcases

10 - Custom kitchen communal tables

11 - Snowy kitchen chairs

12 - Ayla visitor tub chairs

13 - Magnetic whiteboards

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