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bright and spacious new office

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The design of a workspace can play a large role in the efficiency of employees. People are affected by their environment, often more than they realise. It is much harder to be productive working in a dimly lit cramped space than an office with large windows letting in natural light.

For jobs that require collaboration, the office set up can be even more impactful if there is space that encourages people to come together and brainstorm or collaborate properly.

Implementing an open plan layout into your Brisbane office can be a simple way to improve your office’s productivity. This new workspace is balanced perfectly with Anthem collaboration tables and Zip Anthem workstations. The intentionally lower desk screens create spacial separation while maintaining on open space.

Beautiful Australian hardwood timber with fine lines and crisp white details. Custom tops with matching edge detail. Bright white storage with planter boxes complete the space.

Featured Product

01 - Zip Anthem Workstations with mobile pedestals

02 - Anthem Collaboration Tables

03 - Anthem Collaboration Tables

04 - Spin seating and stools

05 - White hinge door storage with planter boxes

06 - Veo Task chairs

07 - Custom storage credenzas

08 - Filing cabinets

09 - Soft wiring and ceiling umbilical's

At Commercial Images, we work hard to deliver quality office fit-out. With our in-house logistics and installation team we play a very hands on role bringing each and every project to completion.


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