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Fati Desktop Cachpot

Fati Desktop Cachpot

Biophilic design from the ceiling to the floor


Add greenery to unique places within the office space. The Fati Planter is the perfect collaboration table or workstation green divider. Made to order and suitable for potted plants or faux plants in your choice of standard Dulux or Interpon powdercoat colour.


  • custom Dulux or Interpon powdercoat colour
  • 350dia x 300mmH overall
  • planter 350dia x 200mmH
  • for potted or faux plants
  • screw fixed into table or desk top.
  • for best results, to avoid over heating to plants, consider placement away from direct sunlight.

  • to extend life span of your cachepot and further aid comfort of the plant, use plastic pot that allows for air gap to all sides of the steel walls of FATI to aid heat dispersion, correct moisture evaporation and air circulation.

  • it is also highly recommended to sanitize your cachepot before use and before changing plant to new one.


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are dependent on finishes and quantities.
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